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The organization offers the first of its kind, academic insights into Igbo ancient tradition, culture, language, artifacts and sciences, as means of cultural education and preservation of Igbo language.

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  • Our Philosophy

  • Igbo Heritage as presented by Ndozi Odi-na-ala is an Igbo socio-cultural organization that builds on Igbo ancient Philosophy whose aims and objectives is to revive, rediscover, and regenerate the lost keys of Odinala Igbo that was built to transform men and the society for peaceful co-existence.

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    • Igbo Artifacts

    • Cosmology

    • Law & Order

    • Entertainment

    • Igbo & Nature

    • Amadioha

    • Igbo The Savior

    • History in Time

    • Inu na Ifo

    • Atumatu Igbo

    • Igbo Science

    • Religion

    • Language

    • Government

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